Introducing the MAKO robot

From Stryker, a semi-automated robotic arm that helps improve the accuracy of joint replacement surgeries. We have conducted 3000+ surgeries (total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, and total hip replacement), so far with resounding success.

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The only Robot that performs

Total Knee

Partial Knee

Total Hip

Less Invasive

Faster recovery

Less pain

100% accuracy


Mako is the most advanced robot used in replacement

  • Only FDA approved robotic system for TKR, PKR & THR.
  • Only system with a robotic arm where multiple surgical tools can be attached.
  • Only robot with CT based haptic guidance technology.

Mako Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Advantages

Mako Partial Knee Replacement (PKR) Advantages

You can now replace only the part
that is damaged

Robotics ensures superior survival and less failure compared to conventional PKR

Better function and less pain as ligaments are spared

Complex normal knee kinematics are achieved only during robotic surgery

Knee feels more natural

Mako Total Hip Replacement (THR) Advantages