Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

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Knee replacement is a surgical procedure used to replace the damaged knee using metal and plastic parts. This surgery is performed on patients who have severe arthritis or whose knees have been severely damaged. It is also considered when the knee pain is affecting the patient’s activities of daily living and quality of life. If non operative  treatments has failed, this procedure is definitive solution. With the improvements in technology,lot of changes have taken place in the surgical procedure as well as to make the process less painful and more effective. 

With the conventional knee replacement, there can be variability in  implant sizing, positioning and issues with precision and accuracy. To overcome this, robotic knee replacement surgery has evolved. This technology uses a robotic arm to assist the surgeon to provide higher accuracy while placing the artificial implant minimizing error and offer a personalized solution which is best suited to that particular patient. 

What is Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?

Though the name has robotics, it does not mean that the surgery will be performed by a robot. Rather, it assists the surgeon with the help of a  robotic arm to achieve a personalized plan. The procedure is similar to traditional knee replacement surgery. Both methods involve removing the damaged bone  in the knee and then replacing it with an artificial joint.

The success of knee replacement surgery is based on the accurate alignment of the components and the proper soft tissue balancing the ligaments. The robotic arm used during the surgery offers more precision, aligns the joint well and balances the soft tissues to create equal flexion and extension gaps. .

During the robotic knee replacement surgery, the doctor uses CT scans to generate a 3D model of your knee. Using that model as a reference, the surgeon can determine the exact size of the implants that best fit in a 3D view; this is known as shape matching. Once the gaps are captured, the surgeon has the ability to virtually move the position of the implants to balance the knee even before the bone cuts are made, this is known as dynamic joint balancing. With the plan in place the  robotic arm is used to achieve the plan by making sun mm precision bone cuts and then insert the artificial knee components accurately. 

Robotic knee replacement surgery is proven to offer better results than traditional knee replacement surgery. The preparation for this surgery is also the same as the traditional procedure and no additional preparation is required.

Who Can Have Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery?

Patients who are suitable for conventional knee replacement surgery can also have robotic knee replacement surgery. But before suggesting either of the procedures, the doctor will suggest other treatments such as medications, knee braces, physical therapy etc. If these treatment options do not work, then knee replacement surgery is recommended.

However, the robotic knee replacement surgery is much more effective for complex knee joint issues such as:

  • Femur and tibia malunited fractures, bone loss, excessive ligament laxity 
  • Complex deformities of the knee

Undergoing knee replacement surgery is a major decision. It is always suggested to have a proper discussion with your doctor before undergoing the procedure.

Why is Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Highly Suggested?

The robotic knee replacement surgery is good because of the following:

  • Personalized 3D Planning – The shape of bones varies from one person to another. The  3D model obtained from the CT scan  is used for pre-planning  the implants size and match to the exact shape of  that individual. This is known as shape matching the anatomy. 
  • Dynamic Joint Balancing – This is the ability to virtually move the position of the implants to achieve personalized alignment and balance the soft tissues to achieve equal flexion and extension gaps. 
  • Sub mm Precision bone cuts – Once the plan is locked in the robotic arm can help us achieve the plan and this is done with a haptic boundary which will protect the soft tissues from getting injured.

What Benefits Does a Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Offer?

Robotic knee replacement surgery offers several benefits. The main advantages have been proved in many research publications the benefits include:

  • Less pain and shorter hospital stay: since robotic knee replacement protects the soft tissue around the knee, this translates into less pain and less need for pain medications and many patients leave the hospital early compared to conventional surgery. Post operative swelling is less.
  • Faster recovery time: since the sizing , positioning and balance is optimum and pain is less many patient recover much faster and achieve their physiotherapy goals faster.  The recovery time is also faster and you can get back to your work quickly.
  • Less complications: Studies have shown that people who had robotic knee replacement surgery have little chances of admitting back to hospital. There is less bleeding, less need for blood transfusion, less surgeon related failure and need for re-surgery. 
  • Better patient satisfaction: As the recovery time is faster, patients can quickly get back to their daily activities. This offers higher satisfaction for the patients.

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