How Do You Know If You Need a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee osteoarthritis develops over time and it affects your ability to walk, sit, climb stairs, and even lying down. Knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful methods of treating different knee problems. But before deciding on knee replacement surgery, your doctor closely works with you and considers various other factors to know if it is right for you. The doctor will consider you as not suitable for the surgery if you have an infection, or if your bone is not strong enough.

Knee replacement surgery is a common surgery performed on thousands of patients every year. Most people who had undergone knee replacement surgery have found improvement in the functioning of the knee.

Signs That Indicate the Need for Knee Replacement Surgery

The following are some of the common signs that you might need a knee replacement surgery:

  • Pain: Severe pain and discomfort is the most common sign for the need of knee replacement surgery. The pain remains and can reoccur. The pain still exists even when you are not using your knee such as sitting. If the pain is accompanied by severe swelling, it may also indicate the need for surgery. If the pain experienced during any physical activity is not relieved by medications, weight loss, or rest, then you might need to undergo knee replacement surgery.
  • Quality of life: If you find difficulty while walking, lifting from the chair, climbing stairs, kneeling, etc, then surgery can be your right choice. You may also find it difficult to go to a grocery store, and to dress yourself. Performing regular exercise also becomes difficult as you will experience pain during and after the workout. If you experience any of these, consider taking care at the earliest possible.
  • Reduced mobility: Along with the pain, you may also feel the movement of the knee as if something in the knee is rubbing. These signs affect your overall leg movement.
  • Change in the appearance of the knee: Even if you have not suffered an injury, you might notice a bowed appearance in the knee. If this is the case, you need an emergency examination to avoid damage to your entire leg.
  • Non-surgical treatments do not help anymore: If the non-surgical treatments such as medications, physical therapy, rest, and lubricating injections do not reduce the signs, then you need to undergo knee replacement surgery.
  • Knee swelling: Knee osteoarthritis and other knee problems wear off the cartilage around the knee. This leads to inflammation and swelling. If you experience knee swelling that is consistent and recurring, do not neglect it and visit your doctor immediately.
  • Having Signs of a Knee Replacement Surgery? Visit an Orthopedic Doctor

If you are experiencing any signs of knee replacement surgery, book an appointment with an experienced orthopedic doctor. The doctor will ask you about the severity of the pain and how it is affecting your mobility. The doctor will also conduct an MRI scan, an X-ray of your knee to have a detailed view of your knee.

If the doctor determines that you need knee replacement surgery, he will explain to you the possible outcomes, risks, recovery time, and many more. You need to inform your doctor about your health condition in advance which might make the surgery difficult. You should also know about the actual recovery time which could take around a few weeks to several months. You should also need to undergo physical therapy and exercise to recover faster. The doctor will also explain other things that can be done to speed up the recovery process.

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