Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is a very common issue that many people complain about. It can be painful and people can miss their work due to the pain. It can occur due to various causes including some medical conditions. People of any age can experience back pan due to various reasons and the chances increase as people get older.

However, back pain can be prevented by taking proper measures. If measures did not prevent your back pain, then home remedies can help you to heal within a few weeks.

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What Causes Back Pain?

Your back consists of ligaments, muscles, tendons, disks, and bones that work all together to help you move. If there is a problem with any of these components, it can cause back pain. In some cases, the reasons for back pain is unknown and it can also be due to some medical conditions.

The common reasons for back pain are:

  • Muscle strains or sprains that occur due to improper lifting of heavy objects or can be due to a sudden movement.
  • Various structural problems such as sciatica, arthritis, bulging disk, ruptured disk, osteoporosis¬†
  • Kidney problems such as kidney stones and kidney infection
  • No physical exercise that can make your spine stiff and weaken your muscles
  • Everyday activities and bad posture such as twisting, over-stretching, bending for longer periods, long drive, standing and sitting for longer durations, and poor posture while sleeping.

How Do I Know If I Have Back Pain?

Back pain can range from mild to severe and the symptoms vary based on the cause of the back pain. The following are the common symptoms of back pain:

  • Pain at any part of the back
  • Swelling of inflammation at the back
  • A stabbing pain that radiates to the leg up to the foot
  • Difficulty while standing up straight, and you experience pain while trying to do so
  • Decreased flexibility to move your back and decreased motion

If the back pain is caused by strain or misuse, symptoms disappear lasts for only a few days to a few weeks. Your back pain is considered as chronic if the symptoms exist for more than three months. You should consider visiting a doctor if your symptoms do not reduce after a few weeks.

The following symptoms of back pain can indicate an underlying medical condition:

  • Less bowel control
  • Weakness, numbness either in one or both legs
  • Severe and constant pain that even gets worse at night
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Fever

If you are experiencing the above-mentioned serious symptoms of back pain, visit a doctor and inform him about these symptoms.

Diagnosis for Back Pain

To diagnose back pain, your doctor will conduct a physical examination and will ask you questions about your symptoms and the severity of the pain. Your doctor carefully evaluates your back to know if you are able to stand, walk, sit, or can move your legs. This helps your doctor to determine the cause and region of pain.

If your doctor suspects that any underlying condition is causing your back pain, he would conduct other tests such as:

  • MRI or CT scans that produce images and reveal any problems with any components of the back
  • X-ray to know the bone alignment and to determine if you have broken bones or arthritis
  • Blood tests to determine any infection
  • Bone scan to identify bone tumors

Treatment for Back Pain

The treatment for back pain is simple. If the back pain is mild, it can get better in a month following home remedies and with proper rest. Over the counter medications and heat therapies can relieve your pain and discomfort.

If the back pain is complex, you may need medical treatment such as:

  • Medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for chronic back pain

In very rare cases, a back pain may require a surgery if your persistent back pain and nerve compression.

But back pain can be prevented by following simple remedies such as yoga, stretching exercises which can strengthen your back and core muscles.

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